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Mobile and Virtual Reality with craftguide

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Expert knowledge about machines where it’s needed, when it’s needed

Integrated mobile & VR tutorial platform

craftguide is the only virtual assistant for machine-related tasks that works across mobile and VR systems. It overlays accurate 3D representations of real machines and plants with simple step-by-step instructions. These can be displayed on smartphones and tablets to guide users directly at the machine, or in virtual reality to train them in a controlled, location independent environment.

Integrated mobile & VR tutorial platform

Key functions

Provide virtual guidance

Provide virtual guidance

Use craftguide to help staff and learners complete complex manual tasks autonomously and without the need for prior instruction.

Create custom tutorials

Create custom tutorials

Document workflows with any camera-enabled device and let craftguide convert them into your own mobile and virtual reality tutorials.

Choose your audience

Choose your audience

Distribute your content within your organisation only or increase your reach by making it available to the entire craftguide user base.

See it in action

We show how our mobile and VR apps are used for maintenance instructions for a fresh water module.

Full guidance for getting anything right, every single time

Broad utility

craftguide helps users proficiently perform virtually any manual task along machines’ or plants’ lifecycles.


Parts assembly, installation and commissioning


User controls, refitting and safety procedures


Routine service and fault prevention


Troubleshooting and rectification

Expert capabilities for expert usability

Peer-reviewed content

Peer-reviewed content

craftguide’s mobile and VR tutorials are created in close collaboration with machine and plant manufacturers, as well as specialists in education and the skilled crafts. Manufacturers’ original 3D models are stripped of IP-critical data and combined with workflow information based on official instruction manuals and curricula. The result is highly relevant tutorial content that serves the best interests of all parties involved.

Custom tutorials

Custom tutorials

Once a machine or plant has been added to craftguide, new tutorials can easily be created for it in a two-stage process: First, a user documents the new workflow in a video that meets craftguide’s tutorial creation guidelines. This is reviewed by our in-house experts and converted into a set of instructions, which is then combined with the existing 3D model into a new tutorial for mobile and VR devices.

Documenting work steps for custom tutorials


Step 1: Tag

Indicate the relevant object in its initial state by pointing the camera at it.


Step 2: Act

Execute the work step, capturing it from beginning to end.


Step 3: Show

Keep pointing the camera at the object to show the desired outcome.

Access management

As a contributing customer, you can choose to limit access to your content to certain users or make it part of craftguide’s public library. This gives you all the options you may need for preventing disclosure of valuable specialist knowledge or reaching a larger audience by tapping into craftguide’s distribution channels.

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