The new reality of machine training in farming

Make practical knowledge for solving manual tasks available anywhere and anytime.

Installation, maintenance, refitting & repairs

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Virtual and mobile work assistance for your customers

craftguide’s click-through-tutorials allow for the mobile, location-independent training of farmers, specialists and service personnel for various installation, maintenance and repair scenarios directly at the machine, by means of interactive step-by-step tutorials for smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality headsets.
Where in the past simple videos and printed instructions were used to impart product knowledge, users can now experience it actively in virtual spaces with VR and AR applications.
For the mobile training centres of our partners, our VR kits make it possible to experience the entire product portfolio virtually within a space as little as 3 x 3 m. They can be used both internally and externally for training purposes to convey product and user information in the most effective way.

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Effective knowledge transfer at all times

The digital format ensures consistent teaching and learning standards and thereby improves the level of information regarding your product portfolio. Instead of requiring the time-consuming production effort of a conventional webinar or tutorial, product changes can be implemented quickly and at low costs digitally. This way, you keep product knowledge up to date without considerable overrun. Lower the costs and increase the quality of your training programme by using craftguide.

Distribute product knowledge virtually

craftguide’s cross-device approach enables you to display the same content on all common devices. This includes virtual reality and augmented reality headsets as well as 3D representations on mobile devices for on-site technicians. Once you’ve uploaded a product to the craftguide platform, you can share it with all your customers, assign access rights and manage the information for internal knowledge management. This is how you gain access to the virtual training market while promoting your products within the professional education system.

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